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Why LPD?

A job with the Lakewood Police Department offers an opportunity to give back to your community. We hope you’ll join us in making a difference in the lives of Lakewood residents.
Lakewood Police Department
Getting Started

Apply for a Job

Join our team to help make a difference in our community.
Here’s the process:

01. Pass both the written exam and physical ability test (PAT) conducted by Public Safety Testing (www.PublicSafetyTesting.Com) Make sure to select the City of Lakewood as your agency of choice in your profile.

02. Once you pass both the written and PAT with Public Safety Testing, you'll be advanced to the eligible list for interview and hiring consideration.


The Lakewood Police Department is proud to provide its officers with competitive compensation packages

$6,836.00 – $9,088.00 Monthly

$39.44 – $52.43 hourly

Job Type: Regular Full-Time

Step increases are granted upon completion of 12 months of actual service until the maximum of the salary range is reached. A maximum of 10% of professional development pay is available to qualifying employees.

Annual leave is a benefit granted to employees to continue normal compensation during approved absences and is intended to encompass both vacation and medical leave. Annual leave is not available during the first 60 days of employment except for illness. Leave may be accumulated for succeeding years with a maximum accrual of 1400 hours; however, at the end of the calendar year, the amount carried forward into the new year shall not exceed 1200 hours.

Accrual Rate: 

During the 1st year                        
After the 1st thru 4th year             
After the 4th thru 9th year           
After the 9th thru 14th year            
After the 14th thru 20th year          
After the 20th year   

216 hours of leave per year
240 hours of leave per year
264 hours of leave per year
288 hours of leave per year
312 hours of leave per year
336 hours of leave per year

Employees accrue and take holidays on a basis equivalent to the employee’s regularly assigned shift hours. The following are recognized holidays:
New Year’s Day         
M.L. King, Jr. Day
Presidents’ Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veterans’ Day
The day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Day
Employees regularly scheduled to work 5 8-hour days will accrue one floating holiday on their anniversary date.

Subject to change per contract.

Three medical plans are offered to employees and dependents through the Association of Washington Cities (AWC):

  • Regence High Deductible Health Plan with Health Savings Account. The City pays 100% of the premium for the employee and dependents, and makes contributions to the Health Savings Account.
  • Regence HealthFirst Plan ($250 deductible). The City pays 100% of the premium for the employee and 86% of the premium for dependents.
  • Kaiser Permanente Plan ($200 deductible). The City pays 100% of the premium for the employee and 86% of the premium for dependents.

Employees may be eligible to opt out of medical insurance coverage to receive a $1,500 annualized contribution to their deferred compensation account and/or flexible spending (IRS Section 125) account.

During the first year of employment, employees are required to enroll in the High Deductible Health Plan unless precluded by a documented, ongoing medical condition or if covered by insurance outside of the City.

The effective date of health insurance is the first day of the month following hire.

The Flexible Spending Account (IRS Section 125) is an optional tax savings program which is offered to employees annually. It allows employees to reduce taxable income by using part of their salary on a pretax basis to pay for out of pocket health care expenses and dependent care costs.

A separate vision plan provides for annual eye examinations for employees and dependents. A $25 deductible benefit is also provided for lenses, frames and contact lenses.
Washington Dental Service (WDS) Plan E insurance is provided through AWC. The City pays the entire premium cost for employees and dependents. This is an incentive based plan – 70% to 100% of Class I and Class II benefits (routine exams, basic cleaning, x-rays, fillings, etc.) are covered. Class III benefits (crowns, inlays and onlays) are paid at 50%. The dental plan pays a maximum of $2,000 per individual annually for covered benefits per incentive period (a calendar year). A separate orthodontia plan provides a one time orthodontia benefit of $1,000 for eligible children.
A monthly survivor income benefit is paid to an employee’s eligible spouse and children upon the employee’s death. Prior to any reduction for Social Security survivor’s benefits, a benefit amount equal to 30% of the employee’s insured earnings is paid to the spouse or children, and 60% is paid if both spouse and children survive.
The City provides basic life insurance/accidental death and dismemberment insurance through Standard Insurance. The basic life insurance benefit is equal to the employee’s annual salary rounded up to the next thousand to a maximum of $100,000. An additional life insurance benefit is provided through the Washington State Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). The benefit is $15,000 for loss of life and $85,000 for accidental death and dismemberment.
Short and long term disability insurance is provided through the Washington State FOP. The plan has a 29 day elimination period for off the job injuries and a 180 day elimination period for on the job injuries. The benefit amount is 66.67% of regular pay, to a maximum benefit of $7,500 monthly.

Employees and the City make contributions to the Washington Department of Retirement Systems’ LEOFF Plan.
Under Social Security’s Government Pension Offset, any Social Security spouse’s or widow’s or widower’s benefits you may be entitled to will be reduced based on any pension you receive from the City’s retirement plan.
In lieu of Social Security, the City provides an alternative plan through the ICMA Retirement Corporation. The employee contributes 6.20% and the City contributes 4.77% of the employee’s salary. The employee’s investment choices range from conservative (low risk) to aggressive (high risk) opportunities. Employees are immediately 100% vested in the plan.
Under Social Security’s Windfall Elimination Provision, any Social Security retirement or disability benefits you may be entitled to will be reduced based on any pension you receive from this replacement plan.
Participation in a 457 deferred compensation plan is available to employees through payroll deduction. This is an optional investment program offered through the ICMA Retirement Corporation or Washington Department of Retirement Systems. The City matches an employee’s contribution up to 6% of the employee’s base monthly pay rate.

Lakewood Police Swearing In Ceremony
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If you have questions about applying or becoming a Lakewood Police officer, we can help. Contact our Recruiter.

Officer Lesha Cockle

(253) 753-7316

Lakewood Police Officer Lesha Cockle stands in front of her patrol vehicle, smiling at the camera.
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Lakewood Police Units

Several units comprise the Lakewood Patrol Specialty Division. They all work together to ensure public safety beyond patrol response. This includes Patrol, Criminal Investigations, K9 Unit, Marine Unit, and Traffic Unit.